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Two Pair Photography Engagement Photo Couple in Love


Chad & Tressie at Two Pair Photography certainly takes amazing photos but we wanted to know the story behind their beautiful style and what sets them a apart. Read on to hear about how they capture each couple’s love and individuality.


When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

We never set out to become wedding photographers, but truly felt that this found us and welcomed us with open arms. What started as a creative outlet in college while we were in nursing school grew into the storytelling, party having, non-stop fun train it is today with Two Pair Photography.


Two Pair Photography Bride and Groom Outside First Look


How long have you been photographing weddings?

Chad and I shot our first wedding in June of 2008, just one month after our own wedding, and we’ve been going for over 9.5 years now. I don’t know exactly how many weddings, but it’s up there.


Where are you based out of and where do you meet with clients?

Two Pair Photography is based in Abilene, TX but we travel for 99.9% of our weddings. We’ve been to Europe, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and all over the United States for photography. We love the traveling part of our job just as much as we love shooting.

We meet most clients in person for the first time at their engagement session. Sometimes there is a phone call, or a little FaceTime, and sometimes there is a coffee date. It just depends on where our clients are located!


Two Pair Photography Bride and Bridesmaids Floral Crown


Describe your favorite type of client.

Our perfect clients? Well first things first, they’ve have to be in love. Capturing the story two people who are so madly in love is the best. How people express that love looks different from person to person, but maybe that means they don’t mind showing a little PDA? Perhaps they are a little less traditional than most? Clients have to trust us with reckless abandon to capture their story while they enjoy living it. They laugh often, know how to bust a move (or at least try), and don’t take themselves too seriously.


Two Pair Photography Bride and Groom Mountain Snow Scene


What makes you different at what you do?

After 9.5 years, we’ve really been able to hone in on what works and what doesn’t, for us and for our clients. We’ve found that a huge component is the real deal. We want our clients to look back on their photos and see how comfortable they were expressing their love on the day of. In their own way.

We’re not re-enacting events, but we’re capturing the raw/real/unpredictable moments. The quiet ones that might disappear from memory, the family reunion that takes place with people laughing as they reconnect, and the all out dance video at the reception. We are storytellers, and we do so by having fun and enjoying your day almost as much as you!


Two Pair Photography Bride and Groom Just Married After Ceremony


What is the best compliment you’ve received from your clients?

Probably our favorite compliment is, “You captured EVERYTHING!” I mean, that’s our number one goal. You don’t remember a lot of your wedding day, so we love when we can do that for you.


Two Pair Photography Boho Wedding First Dance


What do you love most about weddings & engagements?

It’s funny how what we love has changed over the years. First it was the beauty. The dresses, the tuxes, the clinking glasses, and getting to do art in the midst of that. The big show sealed the deal for us.

And that’s actually still fantastic, but now we really love the little things. How the groom plays with his ring. How grandma tears up a little bit during the ceremony. The little ingredients that make the big cake.

Engagements are probably our favorite in the whole process. They are so fun, stress free, and lend themselves to be a perfect window to the couples love. It requires a bit of vulnerability, but with that trust we can make magic happen.


If you would like to reach out to Chad & Tressie at Two Pair Photography you can visit them at their website. Contact them directly at 325-721-6438 or email them at

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