Venue Spotlight: The Springs McKinney

The Springs McKinney - The Lodge - wedding reception - elegant wedding reception

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The Springs Events has several venues throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We will highlight two of their locations this week starting with The Springs McKinney. This location has two different venues – A ranch-style venue called Stone Hall and a tuscan-style venue called Tuscany Hill. Each has it’s own space, parking lot, and charm. We got to catch up with Nan Bullock, the venue manager of The Springs McKinney, to hear about this beautiful wedding venue.


When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

I fell into it by chance after interviewing for a position 15 years ago and fell in love with the couples and the ‘happy’ business.


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Describe your favorite type of couple.

I like to visit with couples that ask A LOT of questions and that have open minds.  I like couples that can see their ideas and desires taking shape in our venues.  I love their enthusiasm!


What makes The Springs different from other venues?

The Springs is impressive to visitors and clients but seeing from my side…’the inside’,  it is even more incredible.    The venues are gorgeous, the daily ‘behind the scenes’ staff and operations are way above standard, and the relationships and communication between all levels of staff is comfortable and productive.  As a Manager, our support structure within The Springs is amazing and is a big part of our great relationships with our clients. 


The Springs McKinney - ceremony site - wedding ceremony

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Why do you think your couples choose The Springs as their wedding venue?

First, I think our couples pick ‘the beautiful venue’ that fits their dreams and their budget but….our salespeople are the most amazing and real people! Managers and Assistant Managers are genuinely eager to please our couples and ready to work hard to make the best day for them happen!

Repeatedly we hear two wonderful things…Tours love the detail and amount of information we supply them with, even if they don’t end up choosing our venues.  Couples are pleased with the care they have received from our staff and the fast, open communication by email, phone call and text messages.


The Springs McKinney - ceremony site - soft pink floral - boho bride

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What do you love most about weddings/engagements?

Hands down…the people and making them happy!


Do you have a funny story to share about a previous encounter?

One funny day, while I was Assistant Manager under Kathy (at The Springs Denton), we had a family in the venue setting up. I was so impressed with the handsome groom’s participation in all of the decorating and he seemed to be so happy and hands on all day.  He seemed to be everywhere within minutes!  I was flabbergasted when he was still hard at work minutes before his wedding….HIS walk down the aisle!   Then I found out the groom was one of three!  They were triplets!!


If you would like to visit Nan for a tour of The Springs McKinney you can contact her at 469-400-8960 or email her at

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