Wedding Day Helpers

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While we are there to make sure your wedding party and family don’t have to work on the wedding day, there are some traditional roles they must fill.  Here are some things your wedding party and family might need to know they are expected to do:

Maid/Matron of Honor

  • Holds the grooms wedding ring and the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, and arranges bride’s train at alter
  • Witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate (if required in your state/county)
  • Helps the bride during reception
  • Helps the bride change into her going-away clothes and takes care of bride’s wedding attire after the reception
  • Troubleshoot emotional crisis


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Best Man

  • Makes sure that the groom’s wedding-related payments are prepared and delivers them (if not done by the wedding planner)
  • Sees that the groomsmen and ushers are properly groomed and attired and arrive on time
  • Instructs the ushers in the correct seating of guests (if not done by the wedding planner)
  • Keeps the bride’s wedding ring and hands it to the groom during the ceremony
  • Witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate (if required in your state/county)
  • Drives the bride and groom to reception if there is no hired driver; has a car ready for the couple to leave after the reception and drives them to their next destination if needed
  • Offers the first toast to the bride and groom at the reception
  • Gathers and takes care of the grooms wedding clothes and returns rental items
  • Dance with the maid of honor and the bride during wedding party dances


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  • Give the maid/matron of honor a break when needed and help hold the bride’s dress
  • Hit the dance floor when the music kicks in, and dance with the groomsmen in the first formal dance sequence
  • Supervises the children in the wedding party during the ceremony if asked
  • Assists the bride at the reception as requested
  • Participates in activities such as the receiving line and bouquet toss


  • Dance with the bridesmaids at the reception
  • Help guests who need directions to the reception site


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Mother of the Bride

  • Sit at the parents table if there is one
  • Dance with the father of the bride and the groom during the first formal dance sequence
  • Remind the bride how special she is (we love this one!)

Father of the Bride

  • Walk your daughter down the aisle
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Give a wedding toast and/or welcome
  • Final wedding payments
  • Be a good host

Mother of the Groom

  • Mother-son dance

Father of the Groom

  • Dance with the bride at some point during the reception


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House Party

  • Man the guest book
  • Hand out favors or programs


  • Escort guests to their seat prior to ceremony
  • Roll out the isle runner if there is one
  • Act as general guest guides
  • Greet guests warmly and with manners


For more etiquette advice or general questions please contact us! Here is more info on help from a Friend vs. Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner.

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    I’m looking for somebody to help me with a wedding reception to decorate

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      Hi, Jocelyn! Check out Passkey Decor for more info on how we can help you decorate!

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    I am looking for for someone to help me be dressed in a darth vador costume and walk before me at reception?

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      Hi Jennifer! I’d suggest reaching out to an entertainment agency in your area as they usually have lots of great characters that you can have make an appearance at your event.

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