Wedding Planning: How to Stay Organized

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Ok, let’s be real… Planning a wedding can be stressful and feel scattered at times. With all the little details, it is fair to say that the fun part of planning can get lost. To keep the experience enjoyable, and keep you sane, here are some tips to stay organized while wedding planning.

Create an email address strictly for wedding details

Personal emails can easily become cluttered with business, promotional, and junk mail. When you add wedding related emails to that, you can end up with quite a mess on your hands. Making an email specifically for all wedding details prevents an overcrowded inbox and eliminates the chance of important wedding emails being lost. Give the password to your future husband or any family members helping you plan.

Another benefit of having this separate email, is you can choose when to check it. If you’re like most people these days, you probably have your phone set to notify you whenever you receive an email. There’s no need to stress yourself out – turn off notifications on your wedding email account, and deal with them when you’re in the best headspace to think about your big day! 


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Keep everything in one place

Nothing is more confusing or stressful as trying to track down where you wrote, saved, or typed something. To avoid this, decide if you are a hard copy kind of person, or someone who prefers to have everything stored online.

I have seen quite a few brides buy those pretty planning notebooks to keep vendor contracts, write details, and keep to-do’s. For the people out there who need to write things down to remember them, this is a great option for you! Here is a planner from Etsy that is functional and cute.

On the other side, we live in a world full of technology! These days most contracts and payments are done online, so having something like Google Drive to keep those files in makes sense. Keep it extra organized by having specific folders for each vendor.  You can also keep your to-do’s and notes in there. Online and app solutions can also be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, so if you’re planning from out of state, this can be very handy for sharing all information. 

Whether paper or technology appeals to you , commit to one format and stick to it. That way you won’t lose any details by switching midstream.


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Write it down

Now that you have this folder or online system, utilize it! Write or type any important points discussed in meetings to refer back to later instead of trying to remember what was said. Also, add appointments or to-do as they are scheduled or thought of. You never know when you will need to recall a detail!


Dedicate specific time

“I’ll do it tomorrow” can easily turn into a month out from the wedding. Setting time aside strictly for planning ensures not everything will be done last minute. Whether it’s an hour after work, at lunch every other day, or every morning of your day off, schedule it into your calendar so that you know you can get it done.

Scheduling time helps you manage all the details. You don’t want to randomly return calls at the market, where you’ll more than likely forget any plans that were discussed. Use this dedicated time to log into your wedding email, answer the emails, and then immediately store that information in your folder or drive.  Update your to do list and check out what’s on the horizon, so that you’re ready for the next step!


We can all agree that planning a wedding can easily become stressful. Let’s keep the fun in planning and get organized!  Or, if this just doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest, let us help you outOur packages are all structured so that we build in the organization for you, allowing you to have the headspace to simply focus on decision-making and all of the pretty!

Megan is a Lead Wedding Planner at Each & Every Detail and has completed training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. She has been at Each & Every Detail for two years.

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